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The Executive Coin Company (TECC)

Even though it was first opened to the public in 1990, the history of The Executive Coin Company can be traced back to the early 1950’s.  Bill Miholer began collecting coins as a child in Three Rivers, Michigan, when he would sift through his paper route money looking for treasures to add to his collection.  In the 1970’s Bill and his wife, Terry, and their sons relocated to Stow, Ohio.  A couple years later Bill and Terry’s older son, David, bought a coin collecting book at a school sale.  David was in the fourth grade.  When David showed his father the book, Bill, in turn, showed David his coin collection.  This began a lifelong passion that has become more than a hobby, but a commitment made by the entire family.  The Miholer family has over 100 years of experience in the numismatic (coin) field. They pride themselves on providing quality coins to their customers at competitive prices.

From the humble beginnings of a father and son attending coin shows together, the company continued to take shape in the 1980’s.  In 1986, David began studies at John Carroll University, but he did not leave his business at home.  As he studied business, he continued to buy and sell coins.  In 1989, David’s college roommate suggested that he name his business, The Executive Coin Company.  And, the name stuck.

The 1990’s brought a tremendous amount of growth and change to The Executive Coin Company.  1990 was an especially important year.  In May David graduated from John Carroll University; and, in June he married his high school sweetheart, Lisa Francis.  In July The Executive Coin Company opened its first retail location in the Oregon Trails Plaza in Stow.  In 1992, Michael Miholer, Bill’s younger son, came to work for the family business as its expert on paper money and jewelry.  And, in 1999, Bill, David, and Michael acquired the property on which The Executive Coin Company now sits.

In 2001, The Executive Coin Company moved to its current location on Graham Road.  This move also included the opening of Abshire & Haylan Jewelers, Executive Coin’s jewelry division.  Abshire & Haylan Jewelers is a full-service jewelry store.  New and estate jewelry items are available for sale; and, repairs are done on-site.  Abshire & Haylan’s goldsmith, Belinda Vartenuk, has been recognized in local and national jewelry design contests.

In 2006, The Executive Coin Company expanded to include a full-time internet department.  Executive Coin has a website and full-service webstore. The department continues the tradition of providing quality service, competitive prices, and fast shipping.

For almost thirty years the Miholer family and their employees continue to put their customers first.  Whether it be in the retail store or online, customers of The Executive Coin Company can expect outstanding service and quality products at competitive prices.

We look forward to doing business with you.

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