Grading Scale

 AG - About Good  A well-worn coin, nearly smooth, with few features visible. Better than Fair but less than Good.
 G - Good  A coin which shows a high degree of wear but the date and most letters are still readable.
 VG - Very Good  A coin which has extensive wear but has most letters and devices visible.
 F - Fine  A coin which has extensive wear but still has nearly all its lettering and prominent design features.
 VF - Very Fine  A coin which has had some wear, but has all the lettering and design features clearly readable.
 XF - Extremely Fine  A coin which has only light effects of circulation.
 AU - About Uncirculated  A coin that is close to Uncirculated or MS-60 Grade; Typically, either has full mint sharpness without mint bloom, or has nearly full mint luster with traces of rubbing / wear or enough bag marks to interfere with design details.
 BU - Brilliant Uncirculated  An Uncirculated coin with brilliant surfaces; the coin has never been in circulation; Uncirculated coins can be graded from MS-60 to MS-70.
 MS - Mint State  Coin which has never been in circulation; depending on the number of bag marks and surface contact indications, a Mint State coin can range from MS-60 to MS-70 (not a single mark).
 PR - Proof  Coin which has mirror-like quality given to its fields. Proofs are struck from dies whose fields have been polished to a high mirror-like degree.

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