Franklin Half Dollar - 20 Coin Roll - Different Dates - CU

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  • 20 Coin Roll
  • 20 different dates of Franklin 50c in each roll.
  • Includes the 1955 year of issue. Lowest mintage of all issues.
  • 90% Silver Content
  • Minted between 1948 - 1963.
  • The entire set only consists of 35 coins.
    - These rolls contain over half of all of the coins needed to complete the set.
  • Roll will be shipped in a white square tube.
  • Roll will include these date and mintmarks: 1951-P, 1952-P, 1952-D, 1954-P, 1954-D, 1955-P, 1957-D, 1958-P, 1958-D, 1959-P, 1959-D, 1960-P, 1960-D, 1961-P, 1962-P, 1962-D, 1963-P, 1963-D.