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U.S. Twenty-Cent Pieces (1875-1878)

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U.S. Twenty-Cent Pieces (1875-1878)

1875-S Twenty (20) Cent Piece Nice AU Nice Eye Appeal Nice Strike
1875-S Twenty (20) Cent Piece Nice AU Nice Eye Appeal Nice Strike
SKU: 20C411

This 1875-S Twenty (20) Cent Piece has nice eye appeal with nice luster and nice strike. Bright white. Always popular. Grade: Nice AU

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Learn More About U.S. Twenty-Cent Pieces (1875-1878)


The Twenty-Cent Piece was one of the shortest mintages in U.S. history, being struck from 1875 to 1878. The Seated Liberty design on the 20-cent piece appeared on most regular-issue silver coinage at the time. Its appearance and size were so similar to the quarter that it confused merchants and consumers. This ill-planning ultimately lead to the coin’s abolishment in 1878. The twenty-cent obverse features a seated Lady Liberty sitting on a rock, looking over her right shoulder. With her left hand, she holds a pole with a Phrygian or freedom cap, while her right hand steadies a shield inscribed with the word “LIBERTY” on a scroll. The reverse design of the twenty-cent piece features a bald eagle grasping three arrows and an olive branch.

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