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In order to make your online coin buying experience as easy as possible, we have added this page to let you see the latest coin additions on our website. We list hundreds of new items to our store each week. Whether this is your first visit, or you are a regular visitor to our store, you can now quickly find the newest coins that have been added.

As always, thank you for visiting ExecutiveCoin.com. We hope you’ll find the coin you’re looking for.  Shop with confidence, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal!

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Dollars | Bust

 1795 Bust Dollar Nice XF Detail Small Eagle Very Attractive Album Toning$5,790.00
 1795 Flowing Hair Dollar F/VF Detail Cleaned Reverse Looks VF/XF$3,370.00

Dollars | Peace

 1934-S Peace Dollar Nice AU Nice Eye Appeal Nice Luster Nice Strike Problem-free$370.00
 1928-P Peace Dollar Nice VG Detail Key Date Nice Eye Appeal CHEAP!!!$185.00
 1924-S Peace Dollar Choice AU/BU Blast White Just A Hint Of Rub Full Luster$135.00

Currency Packs | $1.00

 $1 1934 Silver Certificate$130.00

Currency Packs | $2.00

 $2 1953 Legal Tender$255.00
 $2 1928 Legal Tender$280.00

Currency Packs | $5.00

 $5 1934 Silver Certificate$595.00

Dollars | Morgan | 1878-1879

 1878-S Morgan Silver Dollar Nice AU/BU Struck-Thru Error Not Often Seen$45.00
 1879-O Morgan Silver Dollar Nice AU/BU Bright White Nice Eye Appeal Nice Luster$51.00