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In order to make your online coin buying experience as easy as possible, we have added this page to let you see the latest coin additions on our website. We list hundreds of new items to our store each week. Whether this is your first visit, or you are a regular visitor to our store, you can now quickly find the newest coins that have been added.

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Cents | Lincoln | 1909-1919

 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent NGC MS64RD CAC Sticker Nice Luster Nice Strike$2,320.00

Cents | Lincoln | 1940-1949

 1948-S Lincoln Cent One Gem BU Roll Bright Red Original$130.00

Dollars | Eisenhower

 1976-D Type 2 Eisenhower Ike Dollar PCGS MS65 Fresh and Crispy - Stock Item$16.00

Dollars | Peace

 1925-S Peace Dollar PCGS MS63 Decent Eye Appeal$215.00
 1923-P Peace Dollar NGC MS66 Blazing White GEM Superb Eye Appeal$465.00
 1923-P Peace Dollar NGC MS66 CAC Sticker A Blazing White GEM Great Frost$465.00

U.S. Gold Coins | $2.50 Indian

 1915 Indian Gold $2.50 PCGS MS64 CAC Sticker Great Eye Appeal Nice Luster$1,240.00

U.S. Gold Coins | $20 Saint-Gaudens

 1923 Saint-Gaudens Gold $20 NGC MS64 CAC Sticker Fresh and Crispy$1,635.00

Dollars | Morgan | 1878-1879

 1879-CC Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS61 CAC Sticker VAM-3 Capped CC Top 100$4,635.00
 1878-P 7TF Rev 78 Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS62 Decent Eye Appeal Nice Strike$110.00
 1879-O Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS62 Nice Eye Appeal Nice Luster Nice Strike$145.00

Dollars | Morgan | 1880-1889

 1889-P Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS65 Great Eye Appeal Fantastic Luster$275.00
 1880-S Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS67 Green Label Superb Eye Appeal$685.00
 1888-P Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS64 Nice Eye Appeal Nice Luster Nice Strike$85.00
 1887-O Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS63 Wonderfully Original Great Eye Appeal$135.00
 1880-CC Rev 78 Morgan Silver Dollar Nice XF Nice Eye Appeal Nice Strike$215.00
 1881-S Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS65PL Superb Eye Appeal Fantastic Luster$215.00
 1881-S Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS66PL Super Clean A Blazing White GEM$425.00

Dollars | Morgan | 1890-1899

 1891-O Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS62 Nice Eye Appeal Nice Luster Nice Strike$260.00
 1891-P Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS63 Nice Eye Appeal Nice Luster Nice Strike$170.00
 1893-CC Morgan Silver Dollar Choice XF Detail Key Date Decent Eye Appeal$740.00

Dollars | Morgan | 1900-1921

 1903-P Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS62 Nice Eye Appeal Nice Luster Nice Strike$69.00
 1904-S Morgan Silver Dollar Nice AU Detail Nice Eye Appeal Nice Strike$425.00

Half Dollars | Walking Liberty | 1916-1919

 1917-D Reverse Walking Liberty Half NGC AU55 Superb Eye Appeal CAC Sticker$685.00

Half Dollars | Walking Liberty | 1920-1929

 1927-S Walking Liberty Half Choice XF Tough To Find In This Grade Nice Strike$145.00

Half Dollars | Walking Liberty | 1930-1939

 1933-S Walking Liberty Half Nice BU Nice Eye Appeal Nice Luster Nice Strike$820.00

Half Dollars | Walking Liberty | 1940-1947

 1946-P Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS66 CAC Sticker Wonderfully Original Undipped$265.00

Quarters | Standing Liberty | 1916-1917 Type 1

 1917-P Type 1 Standing Liberty Quarter Nice AU/BU Detail Bright White$160.00

Quarters | Washington | 1932-1939

 1934-D Washington Quarter Choice BU+ Fresh and Crispy Fantastic Luster$285.00