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In order to make your online coin buying experience as easy as possible, we have added this page to let you see the latest coin additions on our website. We list hundreds of new items to our store each week. Whether this is your first visit, or you are a regular visitor to our store, you can now quickly find the newest coins that have been added.

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Cents | Indian Head | 1859-1869

 1909-P Lincoln Cent Choice BU++ V.D.B. Nearly Full Red GEM$34.00

Cents | Indian Head | 1890-1899

 1895 Indian Cent Nice BU+ Great Red & Brown Color & Surfaces$48.00

Cents | Indian Head | 1900-1909

 1909-S Indian Cent Choice VF/XF Key Date Great Color & Surfaces$485.00
 1905 Indian Cent Nice BU+ Nice Red & Brown Color & Surfaces$29.00
 1902 Indian Cent Nice BU Nice Color & Surfaces$27.00

Cents | Lincoln | 1909-1919

 1909-P Lincoln V.D.B. Cent Choice BU++ So Close to Full RED GEM$35.00
 1931-S Lincoln Cent Nice BU Nice Color & Surfaces$130.00
 1931-D Lincoln Cent Choice BU Detail Color&Surfaces a Little Goofy$43.00
 1913-S Lincoln Cent Choice VF/XF Great Color & Surfaces$27.00

Cents | Lincoln | 1930-1939

 1935-S Lincoln Cent Choice BU++ Full Red Tough to find this nice$53.00

Cents | Large Cents

 1856 Large Cent NGC MS62BN N-16 Nice Color & Surfaces Slanted 5$215.00
 1855 Large Cent NGC MS64RB Slanted 55 Very PQ Probable Upgrade$555.00
 1854 Large Cent PCGS MS64RB Nice Color&Surfaces Rotated Reverse$350.00
 1845 Large Cent PCGS XF40 Grate Color & Surfaces$64.00
 1818 Large Cent PCGS MS63 Great Color & Surfaces$790.00

Dimes | Bust / Seated

 1858-P Seated Liberty Dime Choice XF+ Great Color A few tiny rim bumps$32.00
 1856-O Seated Liberty Dime Nice G+ Nice Color&Surfaces Widely Re-Cut Date$27.00
 1836 Bust Dime Choice VF Great Color & Surfaces$69.00
 1832 Bust Dime Nice F Great Color & Surfaces$48.00
 1820 Bust Dime Nice VF Great Color & Surfaces$160.00
 1827 Bust Dime Nice VG Great Color & Surfaces Pointed top 1$85.00

Half Dollars | Seated

 1873-P Seated Half Dollar Nice XF Detail Arrows Nice Strike Great Value$120.00
 1849-O Seated Half Dollar Nice VG Great Eye Appeal Nice Strike$58.00
 1861-O Seated Half Dollar Nice G Civil War Date Nice Eye Appeal$53.00
 1860-S Seated Half Dollar Nice G+ Nice Eye Appeal Nice Color and Surfaces$56.00
 1850-O Seated Half Dollar Nice XF Great Eye Appeal Nice Strike Tough to Find$145.00

Nickels | Shield

 1883 Shield Nickel Nice VF Nice Strike Nice Eye Appeal Nice Color and Surfaces$30.00
 1882 Shield Nickel Nice AU Detail Nice Eye Appeal Nice Strike$69.00
 1872 Shield Nickel Nice F/VF Great Eye Appeal Great Color and Surfaces$64.00

Dimes | Barber | 1911-1916

 1911-D Barber Dime Nice AU/BU Nice Color and Surfaces$58.00

Dimes | Mercury | 1916-1919

 1916-P Mercury Dime Choice BU++ Full Split Bands Superb Eye Appeal and Strike$48.00

Dimes | Mercury | 1920-1929

 1927-D Mercury Dime Choice XF+ Great Color and Surfaces$74.00
 1925-D Mercury Dime Nice XF Nice Eye Appeal$74.00
 1921-D Mercury Dime Choice G/VG Great Color and Surfaces$69.00
 1921-P Mercury Dime Nice G Key Date Nice Color and Surfaces$37.00

Nickels | Buffalo | 1930-1938

 1935-P Buffalo Nickel Choice F Doubled Die Reverse DDR Great Eye Appeal$22.00

Type Coins | Coins | Half Dimes

 1837 Half Dime Nice XF Nice Color&Surfaces 2yr type coin$165.00

Type Coins | Coins | Three Cent Nickels

 1870 Three (3) Cent Nickel Choice AU/BU Great Color & Surfaces$64.00

Type Coins | Coins | Two Cent Pieces

 1870 Two (2) Cent Piece Nice VG+ Nice Color & Surfaces$27.00