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In order to make your online coin buying experience as easy as possible, we have added this page to let you see the latest coin additions on our website. We list hundreds of new items to our store each week. Whether this is your first visit, or you are a regular visitor to our store, you can now quickly find the newest coins that have been added.

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Cents | Indian Head | 1859-1869

 1859 Indian Cent VF/XF Detail Nice Color Small Mark Obverse$35.00
 1881 Indian Cent Great Deals From The TECC Bargain Bin$10.00

Cents | Indian Head | 1870-1879

 1879 Indian Cent Nice XF Great Color&Surfaces Tiny Mark on Cheek$51.00
 1870 Indian Cent Nice G Nice Color & Surfaces$43.00
 1874 Indian Cent Choice VF+ Great Color & Surfaces$50.00
 1871 Indian Cent Great Color & Surfaces Nice G/VG$74.00
 1872 Indian Cent Nice G Detail Lightly Cleaned No Other Distractions$64.00
 1876 Indian Cent VG/F Color & Surfaces just a bit off$30.00

Cents | Indian Head | 1880-1889

 1884 Indian Cent Choice XF Great Color & Surfaces$27.00
 1885 Indian Cent PCGS MS64BN Beautiful Color&Surfaces Some RED showing through$185.00

Cents | Indian Head | 1890-1899

 1896 Indian Cent Nice BU Great Color & Surfaces$37.00
 1897 Indian Cent Nice BU Interesting Color & Surfaces$32.00
 1898-P Indian Cent PCGS MS64 Great Red & Brown, Color & Surfaces Misplaced Digit$115.00

Cents | Indian Head | 1900-1909

 1901 Indian Cent Nice AU Nice Color & Surfaces$27.00
 1902 Indian Cent Choice BU+ Great Color & Surfaces$36.00
 1902 Indian Cent PCGS MS65RD CAC Sticker Full Red Gem Spot Free$555.00

Cents | Lincoln | 1909-1919

 1915-P Lincoln Cent Great color and Surfaces Choice XF/AU$43.00
 1909-P Lincoln Cent Choice BU++ V.D.B. Nearly Full Red GEM$34.00

Cents | Lincoln | 1920-1929

 1923-S Lincoln Cent Nice Color and Surfaces Grade: Choice VF/XF$19.00
 1921-S Lincoln Cent NGC MS64RD Full Luster$2,610.00

Cents | Lincoln | 1930-1939

 1931-D Lincoln Cent Choice BU Detail Color&Surfaces a Little Goofy$43.00

Cents | Lincoln | 1950-1958

 1953 Lincoln Cent NGC PF65Cameo Full Red Gem$48.00
 1955/5 Lincoln Cent Nice XF DDO FS# 101 Every Word on Obverse Nicely Doubled$2,000.00
 1955/55 Lincoln Cent Nice Unc Detail Double Die Obverse$2,250.00
 1955/55 Lincoln Cent ICG AU58 Doubled Die Obv FS#101$2,050.00
 1955-P Lincoln Cent Nice AU DOUBLE DIE OBVERSE Great Color$1,700.00

Cents | Large Cents

 1854 Large Cent NGC MS63RB Great Color and Surfaces Wonderfully Original$340.00
 1839 Large Cent Choice XF+ N.3 Head of 1838, Great Color & Surfaces$125.00
 1829 Large Cent Nice XF/AU N.2 Large Letters, Great Color & Surfaces$140.00
 1827 Large Cent VG N.2 R.3 Nice Color & Surfaces A Couple of Rim Bumps$27.00
 1822 Large Cent VG/F Detail N.10 Dark and a bit porous$30.00
 1820 Large Cent Nice VF Detail N.15 Small Date lots of detail$32.00
 1837 Large Cent Choice XF+ N.12 R.3- Head of 1838$125.00
 1831 Large Cent Nice VF Detail N.12 State A- Early, Large Letters$48.00
 1822 Large Cent F Detail N.10 Nice color, surfaces a bit porous$32.00
 1809 Large Cent F+ Detail S.280 Lotta coin for the money.$185.00
 1812 Large Cent VF/XF Detail S.288 R.3 Large Date, Great Planchet$685.00
 1803 Large Cent VG/F Detail S.261 Large Date, Large Fraction$90.00
 1840 Large Cent Choice XF+ Small Date Great Color & Surfaces$69.00
 1838 Large Cent Choice AU/BU N.7 Great Color & Surfaces$225.00
 1831 Large Cent XF N.2 Medium letters, nice color & surfaces$100.00
 1829 Large Cent Choice VF+ N.5 R.3+ Medium letters, nice color and surfaces$115.00
 1820 Large Cent Choice XF/AU N.13 Large Date Great Color&Surfaces$190.00

Nickels | Buffalo

 Buffalo Nickels Various Date Bag of 500 Assorted Ugly Buffalo Nickels No Returns$79.00
 Buffalo Nickels Various Date Bag of 2000 Assorted Ugly Buffalo Nickels No Return$320.00

Quarters | America the Beautiful

 2014 Generic America the Beautiful State Park Quarter$0.50

Exonumia | Other

 1960 Peace and Prosperity Dinner With Ike 1960 Medal Bronze with Hook$11.00

Exonumia | US Mint

 U.S. Mint Medal Number 136 Lyndon B. Johnson 3 Inch Diameter Bronze$8.00
 U.S. Mint Medal Number 144 George Bush 3 Inch Diameter Bronze$11.00
 U.S. MInt Medal Number 211 Andrew W. Mellon Secretary of the Treasury$11.00

Dimes | Barber | 1900-1910

 1908-S Barber Dime PCGS MS65 Mostly White Beautiful Light Toning$1,055.00

Dimes | Barber | 1911-1916

 1912-P Barber Dime PCGS MS65 Great Color&Surfaces Very Light Toning Streak$530.00
 1913-S Barber Dime Great Color and Surfaces Near G+$27.00
 1911-P Barber Dime Choice AU/BU Great Color & Surfaces$48.00

Dimes | Mercury | 1930-1939

 1938-S Mercury Dime PCGS MS66 Great Color&Surfaces Fully Rounded Bands$85.00
 1939-D Mercury Dime PCGS MS66FBGreat Color&Surface Fully Rounded Bands$45.00
 1938-D Mercury Dime PCGS MS65FB Great Color & Surfaces Fully Rounded Bands$48.00
 1938-P Mercury Dime PCGS MS65FB Great Color&Surfaces Fully Rounded bands$64.00

Dimes | Mercury | 1940-1945

 1940-S Mercury Dime PCGS MS64FB Blast White Easily Could've Been Graded 65$32.00
 1945-S Mercury Dime PCGS MS65 Superb Eye Appeal Nice Strike Electric Blue$64.00
 1943-D Mercury Dime PCGS MS66FB Fully Rounded Bands Gorgeous Color&Surfaces$48.00

Dollars | Morgan | 1880-1889

 1984-S Morgan Silver Dollar Nice Color$120.00
 1885-O Morgan Silver Dollar Nice BU Detail Great Reverse Toning$43.00

Dollars | Morgan | 1890-1899

 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar NGC F12 Great Color&Surfaces Problem Free$3,895.00

Dollars | Morgan | 1900-1921

 1921-P Morgan Silver Dollar Nice AU/B, ERROR Neat Strike Thru Reverse$53.00

Half Dollars | Barber | 1911-1916

 1913-P Barber Half Dollar Nice color and Surfaces Nice G+$53.00

Half Dollars | Bust | 1807-1836

 1834 Bust Half Dollar Nice XF O-114 Small Date Stars and Letters Nice Strike$95.00
 1833 Bust Half Dollar Nice VF O-102 Nice Strike Great Eye Appeal$64.00
 1832 Bust Half Dollar F/VF O-122 Decent Eye Appeal Nice Color and Surfaces$69.00
 1830 Bust Half Dollar Nice VG Small O O-117 Nice Eye Appeal$64.00

Half Dollars | Bust | 1836-1839

 1837 Reeded Edge Bust Half Dollar AU/BU Detail Great Eye Appeal Full Luster$530.00

Half Dollars | Franklin | 1948-1954

 1951-P Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65FBL Most likely from an original mint set$135.00
 1948-P Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65FBL Light Toning Crisp Bell Lines$110.00
 1953-S Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65 Bright White$64.00
 1949-S Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65+ Bright White$110.00
 1948-P Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65FBL Very Light Golden Tone$110.00
 1948-P Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS64FBL Very Light Golden Tone$48.00

Half Dollars | Franklin | 1955-1963

 1963-P Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65 Blazing White Gem$34.00
 1956 Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65 Bright White Gem$32.00
 1963-D Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65FBL$140.00
 1959-D Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS64FBL Nice Color & Surfaces$30.00
 1958-P Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65 Very light toning, looks FBL to me.$37.00
 1960-P Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65 Blazing White GEM Nearly FBL$69.00
 1963-P Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65 Blazing White GEM$34.00
 1962-D Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65 Blazing White GEM$69.00
 1962-P Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65 Blazing White GEM$265.00
 1961-P Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65 Blazing White GEM$53.00
 1959-D Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65FBL Bright White Gem$120.00
 1959-P Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65 Bright White Gem Nearly FBL$43.00
 1958-P Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65 Bright White Gem 66+ Obverse$37.00
 1956 Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS65 Bright White Gem$37.00
 1956 Franklin Half Dollar NGC MS65 From an original mint set$29.00
 1957 Franklin Half Dollar NGC PF65 Cameo Fabulous Black&White Cameo$74.00

Half Dollars | Walking Liberty | 1930-1939

 1936-D Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS66 Mostly White with a Very Light Skin$580.00

Half Dollars | Walking Liberty | 1940-1947

 1946-S Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS65 Great Color&Surfaces Awesome Skin$95.00
 1941-S Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS66 Superb Eye Appeal Nice Strike$1,320.00

Nickels | Buffalo | 1920-1929

 1926-S Buffalo Nickel Nice Color & Surfaces Choice F/VF$160.00

Nickels | Jefferson | 1938-1942 Type 1

 1938-D Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS66 Beautiful Toning Superb Eye Appeal$74.00

Quarters | Standing Liberty | 1916-1917 Type 1

 1917-D Type I Standing Liberty Quarter Lightly Cleaned VG Detail$43.00
 1917-P Type 1 Standing Liberty Quarter Bright White Nice AU Detail$125.00
 1917-P Type 1 Standing Liberty Quarter Nice VF Nice Color & Surfaces$69.00

Quarters | Standing Liberty | 1920-1930

 1929-D Standing Liberty Quarter Choice AU/BU$79.00
 1926-S Standing Liberty Quarter Nice VF/XF Nice Color & Surfaces$32.00
 1925-P Standing Liberty Quarter Choice AU/BU Great Color & Surfaces$100.00
 1930-P Standing Liberty Quarter Choice AU/BU Great Color & Surfaces$90.00
 1927-S Standing Liberty Quarter Nice G Nice Eye Appeal$29.00
 1927-S Standing Liberty Quarter Great Color & Surfaces Nice G$30.00

Type Coins | Non US Coins | Royal Canadian Mint Items

 1953 Canadian Dollar PCGS MS64 No Strap Blast White Full Luster Nice Strike$53.00

Type Coins | Non US Coins | World Coins

 1903 - G German States Baden 2 Mark KM 272 0.900 Fine Silver Grade:VF$16.00
 1979 Iran 10 Rials KM-1243 Nice White Color & Surfaces - Nice BU$10.00