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Bust Dollar (1794 - 1804)

Authorized by the Congress on April 2, 1792, the Silver Dollar had to weight 416 grains and have .8924 fineness. The first dollar was minted in 1794 - the Flowing Hair silver dollar. In 1795 it was replaced with the Draped Bust dollar, and the 1794 silver dollar is a very rare coin. All Bust Silver Dollars minted from 1794 until 1804 had the value stamped on the edge: HUNDRED CENTS, ONE DOLLAR OR UNIT. Just like the Bust half dollar, the Draped Bust displayed Liberty with flowing hair on the obverse, surrounded by 8 stars on the left and 7 stars on the right, with the date at the bottom and LIBERTY up top. There are also varieties with 16 stars and 13 stars. This design had a Small Eagle Reverse (1795-1798) and a Heraldic Eagle Reverse (1798-1804). The dollars with Small Eagle Reverse are probably the scarcest type and the ones existent are sold at at very high premium.

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   1795 Bust Half Dollar PCGS F15 0-122 R.5 Nice Eye Appeal $2,635.00
   1795 SMALL EAGLE Draped Bust Dollar Choice VF/XF Detail GREAT EYE APPEAL $3,475.00
   1795 Bust Dollar Nice XF Detail Small Eagle Very Attractive Album Toning $5,790.00
   1798 Bust Dollar Choice VF Great Eye Appeal Nice Strike Great Color and Surfaces $2,320.00
   1798 Bust Dollar Large Eagle PCGS XF40 Great Eye Appeal Nice Strike $4,055.00
   1799/98 Draped Bust Dollar F+ Detail 13-STAR REVERSE Great Surfaces $1,320.00
   1799 Bust Dollar PCGS Genuine Damage VF Details Obverse Stars 8x5 $1,740.00
   1799/8 Bust Dollar XF Detail 9/8 Overdate $2,625.00
   1800 Low 8 AMERICAI Bust Dollar NGC VF Details BB-191, B-11 Nice Strike $2,110.00
   1800 Bust Dollar PCGS VF Detail Great Eye Appeal Nice Strike $2,160.00
   1801 Draped Bust Dollar ANACS XF Detail NET VF 20 $2,200.00
   1801 Draped Bust Dollar VF/XF Details Nice Eye Appeal Nice Strike $2,425.00
   1801 Bust Dollar PCGS XF Details Nice Luster Nice Strike $2,895.00
   1802 Draped Bust Dollar NGC AU 53 WIDE DATE Great Color Nice Strike $8,425.00
   1803 Bust Dollar Small 3 PCGS VF Detail Nice Eye Appeal Nice Strike SUPERB VALUE $1,685.00
   1803 Bust Dollar NGC VF Details Very Attractive Example $2,375.00