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Mercury Dime (1916 - 1945)

Although this type of dimes is commonly called Mercury Dime, it is also known as the Winged Liberty Head dime because of its obverse depicting a representation of Liberty with wings crowing her cap. The wings symbolize liberty of thought. However, the Mercury Head dime resembles a lot the Roman god Mercury and this is where its name comes from. Issued around the time of USA's impending entry into WWI, the Mercury dime carries a lot of symbols in its design. Still influenced by the Roman culture, the designer A.A. Weinman placed an ax covered by sticks tied together with rods, on the reverse. According to the "Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins," the ax or "fasces" represented the expression "the power of life and death." In ancient Roman law this expression meant having the power to kill mercifully by the blade or mercilessly by the rods. Weinman's symbolic message was aimed towards the enemies of liberty and was also describing the country's military preparedness. An olive branch was placed around the ax symbolizing the country's willingness of peace. The designer's initials AW are placed to the right of Liberty's neck.

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   1916-D Mercury Dime AG Key Date $636.00
   1916-D Mercury Dime AG Key Date Decent Eye Appeal $390.00
   1916-D Mercury Dime Near AG/G Key Date Nice Eye Appeal Nice Luster $435.00
   1916-D Mercury Dime Nice G/VG Key Date $1,025.00
   1917-P Mercury Dime Choice BU++ Superb Eye Appeal $64.00
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   1920-S Mercury Dime MS63+ FSB Nice Original $1,160.00
   1921-P Mercury Dime G Key Date Nice Surfaces $46.00
   1927-P Mercury Dime Nice VF/XF $46.00
   1929-S Mercury Dime NGC Unc Details Broadstruck Mint Error Improperly Cleaned $480.00
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   1936-P Mercury Dime PCGS PR64 NICE EYE APPEAL Nice Luster GREEN LABEL HOLDER $870.00
   1936-P Mercury Dime PCGS PR64 Always Tough to Find Strong Strike $940.00
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   1941 Mercury Dime NGC PF65 OLD FATTY HOLDER Nice Luster $185.00
   1942-D Mercury Dime AU/BU Detail Key Date $690.00
   1943-D Mercury Dime NGC MS66FB $40.00
   1944 Mercury Dime NGC MS65 Broadstruck on Blank Mint Error Superb Eye Appeal $370.00
   1944-D Mercury Dime PCGS MS66FB Blast White Superb Eye Appeal Fantastic Luster $43.00
   1944-D Mercury Dime PCGS MS67FB Superb Eye Appeal Fantastic Luster Nice Strike $135.00
   1945-D Mercury Dime PCGS MS66FB Nice Eye Appeal Nice Luster And Strike $53.00
   1945-S Mercury Dime Micro S CAC Sticker PCGS MS66+ Blazing White Gem $265.00
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