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Bust and Seated Liberty Dimes (1796 - 1891)

The first dime introduced for circulation was the Draped Bust Dime with Small Eagle Reverse in 1796. The design of Early Bust Dimes coincides with the Bust Half Dimes. The 1796 Draped Bust features 13 obverse stars, while the 1797 dimes have 13 or 16 obverse stars. Just like the half dimes, early dimes have no denomination present on the reverse until 1809, when the denomination first appeared on the Capped Bust design. The Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle dimes are usually found in low grades; high grades early dimes are rare. The Seated Liberty Dime closely parallels the half dime of the same period and has almost the same varieties. High-grade and certified Seated Liberty dimes as well as Carson City minted dimes are among the most popular for coin collectors.

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   1805 Bust Dime Nice VG NIce Eye Appeal $750.00
   1809 Bust Dime PCGS Choice BU+ Unc Details Key Date Fantastic Luster Nice Strike $3,790.00
   1820 Bust Dime PCGS VF25 Large 0 Nice Strike $255.00
   1827 Bust Dime Nice G Pointed Top 1 Honest Even Wear Nice Eye Appeal $53.00
   1827 Bust Dime Nice VG Great Color & Surfaces Pointed top 1 $85.00
   1827 Bust Dime PCGS XF40 Rainbow Toning Obv Nice Strike $550.00
   1836 Bust Dime G Nice Eye Appeal $37.00
   1839-O Seated Liberty Dime Choice XF+ Nice Strike Strong Details $215.00
   1842-O Seated Liberty Dime PCGS VF25 Nice Eye Appeal Tough To Find $200.00
   1848 Seated Liberty Dime NGC MS64 Key Date NICE LUSTER Great Color $2,000.00
   1863-S Seated Liberty Dime PCGS VF35 Key Date Nice Strike $740.00
   1865-S Seated Liberty Dime PCGS VF25 Key Date Wonderfully Original $635.00
   1867-S Seated Liberty Dime PCGS AU50 Nice Strike Super Tough to Find $1,580.00
   1875 Seated Liberty Dime PCGS PR65 Wonderfully Original OLD GREEN LABEL $1,215.00
   1876-P Seated Liberty Dime NGC MS 65 GREAT COLOR Nice Luster $740.00
   1876-CC Seated Liberty Dime Nice AU Details Tripled Die Obverse Nice Strike $160.00
   1877-CC Seated Liberty Dime Nice AU Nice Luster Nice Strike Tough To Find $160.00
   1882 Seated Liberty Dime PCGS MS64 Nice Eye Appeal Nice Strike $370.00
   1882 Seated Liberty Dime Nice PR $510.00
   1882 Seated Liberty Dime NGC PF64 Cameo CAC Sticker Superb Eye Appeal $715.00
   1888 Seated Liberty Dime NGC PF62 Proof Superb Eye Appeal Fantastic Luster $450.00
   1891 10c Light House and Ship LOVE TOKEN Great Craftsmanship $64.00
   1891 Seated Liberty Dime NGC PF65 Proof Old Holder Nice Strike $845.00