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Half Dimes (1794 - 1873)

The Half Dime was one of the first denominations introduced in the United States. After the Act of April 2, 1972 that authorized the issuance of silver 5 cents, the first Half Dimes were struck only in 1794 even thought the half dimes were in the making process since 1792. The first half dime introduced for circulating was the Flowing Hair (Bust) Half Dime, designed by Robert Scot. This design was used on all silver denominations of the time in an attempt to standardize their appearance. The concept of almost identical designs for coins with identical metal composition was used all through 19th century on circulation American coins. The 1802 Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle half dime is one of the classic rarities in the U.S. coinage series and only very few pieces are known to exist. Proof coins began to be struck in 1860 at the Philadelphia Mint. Half dimes from 1863 to 1870 are all very rare to find.

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   1800 Bust Half Dime Choice XF+ NIce Strike $5,225.00
   1831 Bust Half Dime Nice BU Detail Nice Strike Nice Eye Appeal $270.00
   1834 Capped Bust Half Dime Choice AU Nice Strike Great Color $215.00
   1835 Bust Half Dime NGC MS65 Superb Eye Appeal $3,390.00
   1835 Bust Half Dime Strong AU/BU Detail Nice Eye Appeal $200.00
   1835 Bust Half Dime Choice AU/BU Superb Eye Appeal GREAT SURFACES $215.00
   1836 Bust Half Dime AG Decent Eye Appeal Even Wear $19.00
   1838 Seated Liberty Half Dime No Drapery, Lg. Stars PCGS AU50 Nice Strike $165.00
   1840-P Seated Liberty Half Dime Choice AU Superb Eye Appeal NICE LUSTER $185.00
   1841-P Seated Liberty Half Dime NGC MS65 Fantastic Luster Nice Strike $950.00
   1853-P Seated Liberty Half Dime AU/BU Detail Key Date NO ARROWS Nice Eye Appeal $450.00
   1857 Seated Liberty Half Dime NGC MS64+ A Bit Dark But Still Decent Eye Appeal $395.00
   1857-P Half Dime Nice AU Nice Eye Appeal Nice Luster $110.00
   1859-P Seated Liberty Half Dime PCGS PR64 $1,800.00
   1864-S Seated Liberty Half Dime PCGS XF45 Nice Luster Scarce Date $450.00
   1865-S Seated Liberty Half Dime AU/BU Detail Civil War Date Nice Eye Appeal $425.00