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Large Cents (1793 - 1857)

Cents and half cents were the first coins struck for circulation under the United States government. Coinage of Large Cents began in 1793 and its laws stated that all cents had to weigh exactly twice as much as the Half Cent. All Large cents were minted only at the Philadelphia Mint. Proofs of Large Cents were made only in 1817 and all Proofs are extremely rare cents. The first Large cent and one of the first American coins struck at the U.S. mint was the Flowing Hair cent (1793). Then the Liberty Cap large cent design followed (1793-1796) to please the people who had objections that the earlier design was not a fair representation of Liberty. The first cents of this type had beaded borders (like the Flowing Hair Large cents), while following Liberty Cap cents had denticled border. The 1794 Starred Reverse is a unique variety that has 94 tiny stars placed among the denticles on the reverse. In 1796, the Liberty Cap design was replaced with the Draped Bust Large cent (1796-1807) designed by Robert Scot, featuring a better-looking Miss Liberty wearing a ribbon in her hair. This type underwent numerous changes and errors in its design including small dates, large dates, small fraction, large fraction, broken dies, restriekes, overdates and other errors. 1799 is the rarest date of this series and 1807/6 Large cent is another rare variety. The Classic Head cent (1808-1814) followed with cents that wore not struck as well as before. That's why coin collectors find it hard to get dates in choice condition. Due to a fire at the Mint, no cent was struck in 1815. In 1816, the Classic Head design was replaced with a new Liberty head design - the Coronet or Matron head and later the Braided Hair (1816-1857). 1816 is the year when the date was placed in the middle at the bottom of the obverse for the first time on a Large cent. 1816 is also a popular 1st year of issue for this type.

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   1793 Large Cent VF/XF Detail VINE + BARS S.11A R.4+ $4,375.00
   1793 Wreath - VINE and BARS EDGE Large Cent PCGS Genuine Env. Damage XF DETAILS $12,105.00
   1793 Large 1c ANACS VF20 Details CHAIN S-2 HAIR RE-ENGRAVED REPAIRED - BURNISHED $12,650.00
   1794 Large Cent Head of 1795 PCGS Damage - Fine Details S-70 $580.00
   1794 Large Cent VF Detail Head of 1794 Flowing Hair Variety Nice Brown Color $640.00
   1794 Liberty Cap Large Cent F/VF Detail HEAD OF 1794 Great Color $685.00
   1794 Large Cent VF Detail HEAD OF 1794 Nice Color $740.00
   1794 Large Cent VF/XF Detail S.58 R.3 THICK PLANCHET Head of 1794 $1,475.00
   1794 Large Cent XF Great Type Coin $1,700.00
   1796 Draped Bust Large Cent Nice VG LIHERTY Error S.104 R.3+ Nice Eye Appeal $1,580.00
   1797 Large Cent Choice VF+ S.120B Gripped Edge $1,275.00
   1798 Large Cent VF/XF Detail Decent Eye Appeal S.157 R.2 STYLE 1 HAIR $1,055.00
   1798 Large Cent Nice XF Detail STYLE 2 HAIR Nice Strike $1,475.00
   1802 Large Cent Choice F/VF GREAT COLOR Great Eye Appeal $265.00
   1802 Large Cent VF/XF Detail GREAT COLOR Nice Eye Appeal S.239 R.3 $475.00
   1803 Large Cent Choice VF/XF SMALL DATE SMALL FRACTION $475.00
   1803 Large Cent Choice VF/XF SMALL DATE S.251 R.2 SMALL FRACTION $475.00
   1810/09 Large Cent NGC XF Details S.281 Environmental Damage Great Value $950.00
   1817 Coronet Head Large Cent Nice BU Detail MOUSE ON HEAD 13 Stars $475.00
   1819 Large Cent N.9 Small Date Matron Head Nice VG Detail $27.00
   1820 SMALL DATE Coronet Head Large Cent Nice VG NICE COLOR $27.00
   1826 Coronet Head Large Cent Nice VG NICE EYE APPEAL $26.00
   1826 Large Cent N.6 Matron Head Great Color and Surfaces Choice F+ $37.00
   1831 Large Cent Nice AU LARGE LETTERS Great Color Nice Strike $240.00
   1833 Large Cent Choice XF/AU N.5 REVERSE DIE ROTATION $185.00
   1847 Hawaii One Cent NGC AU Details Decent Eye Appeal Tough to Find $370.00
   1856 Large Cent PCGS MS64BN Slanted 5 GREAT COLOR Nice Luster $500.00