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Gold Coins

The first gold coins that circulated in the United States were foreign coins brought from Europe. The first official United States gold coins appeared in 1795, after the Coinage Act of 1792 established an independent monetary system with the dollar as the basic U.S. monetary unit. The first production of gold coins were the half eagles ($5) and the eagles ($10) in 1795. The mintage of early gold coins depended mainly on the capacity of the Mint and the existent supply of gold. Gold coins are one of the most popular and sought out coins in the United States, mostly because of their high value and superb eye appeal. Among collectors, some of the most popular gold coins are the Indian Gold $10 and the Saint-Gaudens Gold $20.
The Executive Coin Company is one of the top coin dealers in United States who offers a variety of Gold Coins in different grades and condition, certified and graded by PCGS and NGC. Our selection includes: Type 1 Liberty Gold $1, Type 2 and Type 3 Indian Princess Gold $1, Classic Gold $2.50, Liberty Gold $2.50, Indian Gold $2.50, Indian Princess old $3, Classic Gold $5, Liberty Gold $5, Indian Gold $5, Liberty and Indian Gold $10, as well as Liberty Gold $20 and Saint-Gaudens Gold $20. All gold coins we offer are expertly photographed with great care and accuracy to help you make the best choice for your unique collection! Check out our online selection below.

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