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Seated Liberty Dollar (1840 - 1873)

The Seated Liberty Dollar The Seated Liberty Dollar first went into circulation in 1840, after years of trials for its patterns. The two big varieties are No Motto Seated Liberty Dollars and Seated Liberty Dollars With Motto. The first variety that was issued had Miss Liberty sitting on a rock and holding a shield with her right hand. The shield has a scroll with LIBERTY on it. With her left hand, Liberty is holding a pole with a liberty cap on top. The reoccurring theme of Liberty surrounded by 13 stars is present as well. On the reverse, the designer Robert Ball Hughes opted for an eagle holding an olive branch and arrows in its claws and bearing a shield on its chest, a design very similar to the Capped Bust Half Dollars. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is above and ONE DOL. below. The second variety With Motto came into existence because of the Act of March 3, 1865, stating that all silver coins had to bear the motto IN GOD WE TRUST. Mintage of motto coins began at the beginning of 1866 at the Philadelphia Mint. On the Seated Liberty dollars, the motto was placed on the reverse on a scroll above the eagle.

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